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Welcome to my blog where I will write my reflections, thoughts and prayers about St. Matthew's and how we together can be Christ's Body in the world.
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Palm Sunday 2014

4/10/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

When I lived in Greenwich Village in the late 1970’s, many of the Christian churches would gather in Washington Square Park for an interdenominational Palm Sunday service.  Washington Square Park looked quite different in those days as compared to its pristine, orderly gardens and fountains of today.  In those days, it was filled ...

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The Fifth Sunday in Lent 2014

4/3/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

My youngest daughter, Kate, is in one of the choral groups of Wilton High School.  This means that she has several mornings when she needs to be at school before sunrise for extra practices as well as several evening rehearsals.   Her concerts usually occur at holiday time that is coincidently my very busy time at the church.  ...

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The Fourth Sunday in Lent 2014

3/27/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

Six years ago while I was renewing my driver’s license at a local AAA office, my daughters asked to see my old license.  I was waiting for the expected comment about my awful photo but instead, my oldest daughter asked, “Mom, why do they have you listed as a male on this license?”  I immediately grabbed it out of her ...

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The Third Sunday in Lent 2014

3/20/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

I love doing the New York Times Monday crossword puzzle.  Mondays are my day off and afford me some leisure time to make a cup of coffee and sit down and concentrate on the puzzle.  Usually I am able to fill in the right letters for all the little boxes without too much angst.  Even when I am not completely sure, I will often put an ...

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The Second Sunday in Lent 2014

3/13/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

In the early hours of last Saturday, Malaysia Airlines Flt # 370 went missing with 239 people on board.  For the past week, there has been a massive hunt for this plane as authorities have assumed that the probable cause of its disappearance was a crash in the South China Sea.  An international, large-scale operation has been engaged in ...

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The First Sunday in Lent 2014

3/6/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

Ash Wednesday is always a powerful way to begin the season of Lent.  The liturgy itself invites us into a new way of living out our hectic lives in this “ADD”  (Attention Deficit Disorder) world that craves instant gratification, promotes short attention spans, offers quick solutions, and promotes an often frenetic pace to ...

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The Last Sunday After Epiphany 2014

2/27/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

This week I received an emotional phone call from my daughter who is away at college.  She was clearly upset and tearful.  Immediately, I assumed the worse and began to pray for the right words to comfort and support her.  Then being a mom, my imagination got the better of me and I began to process how I was going to get in touch ...

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The Seventh Sunday After Epiphany 2014

2/20/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

For the past couple of weeks I have often found myself glued to the television watching the different events of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  There is something so compelling about watching athletes from all around the world compete with each other for medals.  These young people have worked so hard and often they have only a few...

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The Sixth Sunday After Epiphany 2014

2/13/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

Members of our Joint Youth Group left for the annual DC Mission Trip this past Wednesday, arriving in our nation’s capitol as the snow was just beginning to fall.  All arrived safely.  While we are not able to be with our youth personally as they experience new ways to be disciples of Christ, we can hold the whole team in our ...

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The Fifth Sunday After Epiphany 2014

2/6/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

What a crazy week!  The Super Bowl was not a particularly exciting game since the Seattle Seahawks were in the lead from the beginning and never waivered (or so I was told since I was one of the few people in the world that did not watch it).  Then a somewhat unexpected storm settled upon us Sunday night into Monday night causing yet ...

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The Fourth Sunday After Epiphany 2014

1/30/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

Last Sunday, The Rev. Richard Mayberry gave a wonderful sermon on fishing and the Episcopal Church.  For those who were not able to be with us here are some highlights and for those who were there, here is an opportunity to reflect again on his wise words:

So focus with me on these three scenes from my youth.  Scene number 1:  I

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The Third Sunday after Epiphany 2014

1/24/2014 by Mary Grace Williams

Last Sunday as I arrived at the church at 7:35 a.m. I beheld an unusual sight.  The parking lot was speckled with several cars and vans and I could see people walking through the courtyard towards the sanctuary.  On any other Sunday the regular, faithful 8:00 a.m. congregation of 12 to 15 people have the amazing ability to time their ...

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Fourth Sunday of Advent/Christmas

12/19/2013 by Mary Grace Williams

I love snow.   When a snowfall begins, my preferred place to be is at home sitting at my kitchen table and looking out the large bay window.  I love the magical way that falling snow can so quickly create a profound stillness, interrupted only by an occasional snowplow.  I even have a perverse appreciation for ice that coats ...

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Third Sunday of Advent

12/12/2013 by Mary Grace Williams

Some of us grew up lighting a rose or pink colored candle on the Advent wreath on the Third Sunday of Advent.  This tradition is a left over from the days of the early church when the season of Advent was somewhat similar to Lent and was seen as a time of penance and preparation.   This Sunday became known as Gaudete (“Rejoice&...

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Second Sunday of Advent

12/5/2013 by Mary Grace Williams

I suspect that when my daughters have moved away and started their own families, their homes will drip with Christmas decorations as soon as Thanksgiving is over.  The reason for this is that I have “deprived” them their whole childhood of having their home look like most people’s during this season leading up to Christmas. &...

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